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  • If you have only swelling and pain but no oozing of pus then try soaking your feet in warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes every day followed by pushing skin away from the toenail edge with a cotton ball soaked in olive oil.
  • If pain, swelling and oozing persists then see your dermatologist for partial nail removal along with localised matrixectomy This surgery prevents recurrence of ingrown toenail in 98% of patients.

Your toenail will likely grow back a few months after a partial nail removal surgery.     Ingrown toenails can be prevented by making several lifestyle changes: such as Trimming toenails straight across, avoiding cutting toenails too short and wearing proper fitting shoes.


1.What is ingrown toe nail?

Ingrown toenails is cherecterized by growth of edeges or corners of nail into the skin next to the nail. It commonly affects the big toe. Patient develops pain and swelling of skin next to nail. If it is infected, then patients notice oozing pus, bleeding and overgrowth of skin around the toe

2.What causes ingrown toenail?

genetic predisposition. Cutting toenails incorrectly. Irregular, curved toenails. Wearing improper footwear such as narrow and tight shoes or sandals. Any toenail injury. Improper foot hygiene.