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Hair removal


Imagine never having to shave, tweeze, or wax. Hello laser, goodbye razor!

LASER HAIR REDUCTION is the latest and most effective method for removal of unwanted body and facial hair. The technology is safe and FDA approved, designed for laser hair removal. We use the “Lightsheer Diode” laser system which comes equipped with a unique cooling hand-piece to minimise skin irritation and discomfort. We also use Long pulsed Nd:YAG laser for skin types V and VI (dark shades). Large body areas are treated with “Lightsheer Desire Laser” having large vacuum assisted hand piece. With the “Desire” system large body areas like arms, legs, back and trunk can be treated in few minutes and with minimum or no discomfort.

1.How does hair reduction work?

Lasers have been used for over two decades for a variety of medical cosmetic procedures. We utilise state-of-the-art technology to customise your treatments depending on your skin type and skin hair density. The Lightsheer Diode laser and Long pulsed Nd:YAG laser emit laser light that is selectively absorbed by the dark pigment located in the hair follicle. The laser energy heats and destroys the hair follicle resulting in successful hair reduction without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

2.Who can be treated?

The unique design and long wavelength of our lasers allow the laser to treat patients of all skin tones and types. All hair types with pigment can be treated. (grey or white hair can’t be treated). However, best results are obtained in light, untanned skin with dark hair..

3.How many treatments are needed?

Laser works best on actively growing hair follicles. Only 20 – 35 % hair follicles are in active phase of growth at any given time. Therefore, we recommend a series of eight to ten treatments about 4-8 weeks apart. Some people may notice significant improvement in as little as 3 treatments while some people may require more than 10 treatments.

4.What areas can be treated?

Any area of body with hair growth can be treated. Commonly treated areas include the face, chin, upper lips, eyebrows, under arms, arms, back, chest, breasts, abdomen, bikini area, legs, hands and feet. With our laser devices we treat both men and women.

5.What happens during a laser treatment?

The area to be treated is first shaved. You will be asked to wear protective eye glasses to protect your eyes. A cool gel is applied to the treatment area. The laser energy is then used to heat and destroy the hair follicle. Each pulse of laser feels like slight sting or pinch. No anaesthesia is usually required and most people tolerate it well.

6.What are the side effects?

Slight redness of the skin lasting for 3-4 hrs is the most common side effect. You can return to work or your daily activities immediately after treatment. Sun exposure is to be avoided for few days before and after each treatment to obtain optimal results. Less common side effects include blistering and pigmentation. These are temporary and will disappear in few days. Permanent scarring is rare.


Every patient has unique needs, so exact pricing can be determined during the consult. Prices for individual and package treatments are variable depending on the size of the area to be treated.

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